BSE as a bridge to Deutsche Börse Venture Network
Deutsche Börse Venture Network was launched in Germany in 2015 by Deutsche Börse® as an ecosystem for growth in Germany. It has been expanding ever since, with currently more than 200 member companies, 460 investors from Germany and across the world, tending towards transformation into a pan-European growth network.

BSE is the contractual partner of Deutsche Börse Venture Network in Bulgaria, offering network’s customized services as an ideal and novelty means of support for growth companies from Bulgaria - potential members of the network. Bulgarian growth companies will have value access to contacts, capital and skills enhancement trainings – all being key factors to successful growth management through Deutsche Börse Venture Network online platform that connects startups, investors and partners of the network in different fields. This will aid companies in their early growth stages in pursuing their financing objectives effectively and optimally.

BSE provides Bulgarian companies – innovative and growing early and later stage start-ups, with all the necessary information, consultation and advice on the features, advantages, opportunities, and assessment criteria of Deutsche Börse Venture Network. Potential members from Bulgaria are initially assessed by BSE against the criteria of Deutsche Börse Venture Network, introduced and guided by BSE on their path to become members.
What the Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers?
Every company has its own growth path. Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers individual support as well as a range of flexible service modules – you simply choose the ones that best fit your needs.
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Deutsche Börse Venture Network criteria
Company criteria
Meet at least three
Early stage
Post-Seed - Series B
Later stage
Series C - Pre-IPO
Annual revenue 1
> € 1 m
> € 10 m
Annual growth and specific KPIs 2
Business specific (indicating traction) 2
E.g. annual revenue growth > 30%
Annual net profit 1
> € 0.5 m
> € 5 m
Cumulated capital raised
> € 1 m
> € 10 m
Well-known lead investor 3
Bootstrap financing
No external funding
< € 1 m aggregated funding volume (long-term debt and equity)
1 Based on the last 12 months or alternatively on the run rate
2 Depending on the individual case, e.g. high number of daily new users or strong growth of customer base
3 Venture investor with a strong track record, who has already made a significant investment in your company
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