The possibilities for raising capital from the beam market of the BSE and guidelines for a successful IPO on it - the main topic of the third strategic meeting of the beamuplab program
Opportunities to raise capital for the growth and development of dynamic and innovative small and medium-sized companies from the beam market and guidelines for a successful IPO on it are the main topic of the third strategic meeting of the beamuplab program - Gravity MeetUp III, which takes place today and is hosted by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

„For two years, with 14 successful public offerings and over BGN 43 million raised capital on the beam market, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge, which we are happy to share with the participants in the program. beam is among the most dynamically developing growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe, which is a prerequisite for it to further reveal its potential in Bulgaria.“, said Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, CEO of BSE.

Top experts from the BSE, companies with successful IPOs MFG Invest and Mellifera, as well as BenchMark Finance, which is one of the most prominent advisors at beam, will discuss the challenges on the way to the beam market, specifics of the preparation and the benefits of the listing.

The founder of OfficeRnD, one of the future unicorn companies, will present his formula for success and the latest innovations in the office space management industry.

Another important highlight of the meeting, expected traditionally with the greatest interest, is the session in which the companies Coherent labs, Cupfee, Dreamix, Harmonica and NitroPack will make their special presentation or the so-called investor pitch and receive feedback as well as recommendations from leading investors.

The forum is attended by representatives of the 23 companies selected for the third edition of the beamuplab program, its partners and consultants. Among them is EY Bulgaria, which will introduce companies to mechanisms, which are gaining increased popularity, for attracting and long-term stimulation of employees as shareholders.

The moderator of the meeting is Hristo Nikolov - a proven business journalist with experience in online and print media. He is the host of the morning show „Business Start“ on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria and the show „ImoTiTe“. Reflects economic topics since 2002. He is the winner of the highest journalistic award in Bulgaria „Chernorizets Hrabar“.
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