The program is a cycle of four strategic meetings, during which all financing opportunities are introduced to the companies so that they can invest flexibly and successfully in their development and growth
Gravity meetUps
Gravity MeetUp I
The first strategic meeting of the second edition of the beamuplab program is forthcoming. At the event the new participating companies will get acquainted with the types of financial instruments and the mechanisms for providing financial support through the Fund of Funds.
Gravity MeetUp IV
The benefits of becoming a public company will be the main theme of the fourth and final strategic meeting of the beamuplab program
Gravity MeetUp III
The Bulgarian Stock Exchange is hosting the third strategic meeting of the beamuplab program with focus on the capital market financing
Gravity MeetUp II
Debt financing in the focus of the second strategic meeting for startups and SMEs of the beamuplab program
Gravity MeetUp I
Expect our first strategic meeting on 26 November 2020