The opportunities for debt financing and leading banking products for startups and SMEs are presented today by the Bulgarian Development Bank at a strategic meeting from the beamuplab program
Debt financing opportunities to support startups and SMEs are the focus of the second strategic meeting of the beamuplab vol.3 program, which is taking place today. The symbolic host of the meeting is the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). Iliya Karanikolov, Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director of BDB will open Gravity MeetUp II, and top managers from BDB Microfinance and the Bank's Capital Investment Fund will present effective models and mechanisms for financing young companies. An illustration of BDB's leading investment practices will be the success stories of the companies Paugo and Barin Sports.

„We are entering a new challenging year, but with the confidence that all those interested in the development of the ecosystem of innovative startups and SMEs are united and are actively working for their development and growth,“ said Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, CEO of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Hristo Stoyanov, representative of the European Investment Fund, will make a special presentation of the beneficial interactions with the programs of the European Investment Bank during the meeting.

Traditionally, selected companies will make a demonstration investor pitch. Presentations by Accedia, Additech, Boleron, SoCyber and ZenHold, as well as subsequent investor feedback, are awaited with particular interest.

The moderator of the meeting is Ivan Nonchev - a top economic journalist from Darik Business Review with extensive experience in online media and television.

Gravity MeetUp II features representatives of the 23 companies selected for the beamuplab program, its partners, and advisors.
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